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Using our latest technology, we offer a diverse and innovative range of products to ensure the optimum memorable experience for consumers.  

We work closely with partners to build total solutions which meet your unique, specific requirements, creating just the right mix of content capture opportunities, connectivity solutions and merchandise across every visitor destination, under your own branding.  

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and innovative solutions that maximize revenue generation. 

How our platform works

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Our digital platform

The way customers consume content has changed. We have completely redeveloped our product suite to make sure that when it comes to photography, video and other content it continues to be a key part of the visit.

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Our brand-new digital platform is a major advancement in content capture capability. Due to its game changing nature, it brings several new and improved features to the content capture market.

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Our new digital platform provides benefits for both your brand and your consumers in the content capture market. It provides deeper insight, better business intelligence and increased sales and conversion.

How we capture powerful moments

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Advanced on-ride

We are constantly developing our on-ride photography systems to provide partners with the latest in high-speed image capture.

Back of photographers head with mid length brown hair. In background a man and woman are posing and smiling to have their photo taken.

Digital roaming

We provide roaming photographers, equipped with the latest technology to deliver memorable visitor highlights for consumers.

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Set & event

Opening up ‘on-set’ photo opportunities creates unique content for consumers to treasure, creating a more immersive guest experience.

Man and woman pose back to back with arms crossed on a green screen background, whilst retail assistant presses button to capture photo

Green screen

Our green screen photography transports consumers into different worlds. We capture content against a green backdrop which can then be turned into whatever setting is required using movie-grade software.

Man skydiving with guide, above clouds with blue sky and punching the air

Green Screen Experience (GSX)

GSX takes green screen technology to the next level, providing a fully interactive experience to create original video content so consumers can relive their experience over and over again.

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Grey screen projection

Operating on the same principle as green screen, we use projectors to beam video onto grey screens to create a themed environment.

A couple standing in front of the LED experience wall with a photographer taking their picture

Experience wall

Our patented green screen high-definition video Experience Wall offers customers an immersive and seamless image capture experience.

Supporting services

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Merchandise & gifts

Your guests can take away their amazing moments, transformed into memorable products that make the perfect gift for friends and family.

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Retail staffing & training

Delivering retail excellence means creating a harmonious retail environment from three core activities: a great product, a great space, and great people.

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Engineering & Support

We understand that on time installation and ongoing maintenance is critical to the effective running of any park or attraction.

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Marketing activation

Marketing and promotional activity is key to our partnerships’ success and forms an integral part of our operations.