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Picsolve Lab is Picsolve's centre of capture innovation and creativity. 

The Picsolve Lab team are the visionaries that create inspiring new ways to capture moments of fun at the world’s best visitor destinations. They develop innovative ways to capture the moments visitors cannot capture themselves that enhance the visitor experience for our partners.

Originally launched as by Raphaël de Borman and Antoine Marot in 2016, the company was founded with the ambition to create the ultimate, unforgettable ‘I was there’ souvenir and reinvent the capture experience as a whole. Its original Panoramic Selfie was launched in the city of Brussels the same year and grew in 3 years to 50 installations across different landmarks, events and festivals.

It was’s innovative approach to capturing moments that led to Picsolve forming a strategic partnership with them in 2018. Within the first year, developed a revolutionary new product, exclusive to Picsolve, Zoom Video. Picsolve acquired in July 2019, where it became its centre of capture innovation, Picsolve Lab.

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Zoom Video

Dramatic, zooming content that visitors want to share.

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