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Dramatic, zooming content that visitors want to share.

Developed by our in house capture innovation team Picsolve Lab, our Zoom Video creates a unique piece of video content that is the perfect, shareable moment.

The Zoom Video starts with a close up of visitors posing for a photo, then dramatically zooms out to reveal a panoramic scene they are stood within, whether that be in front of a stunning backdrop, on top of an iconic landmark or part of a fantasy world.

The Zoom Video can be further enhanced with additional video and audio effects and is available for visitors to share with family and friends instantly.

To ensure every destination can offer their visitors the best shareable moment, there are two ways of executing the Zoom Video; in a real-world location or via our Green Screen technology.

Using a Real-World Location

The original form of the Zoom Video (formerly known as the Super Selfie) utilizes multiple cameras in an outdoor environment to capture a real-world location.

The cameras, which can be located up to 150m away, capture multiple images of both the visitors and the backdrop and then stitches them together to create the Zoom Video.

This execution is perfect for any destination with an iconic backdrop, including beautiful landscapes, outstanding architecture or even in front of an enchanted castle.

Using a Green Screen

This newer form of the Zoom Video (formerly known as the Epic Selfie) creates the video content by using the visitor's photo captured against a Picsolve Green Screen or Experience Wall.

Once a single photo is captured via a Green Screen or Experience Wall, the visitors are then superimposed into the Zoom Video content.

This execution allows anything beyond the real world to be captured, whether than being stood on top of a towering building, swimming in an underwater paradise or any fantasy world that can be dreamed of. Its limitless possibilities make it ideal for any IP or brand.

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