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Delivering high quality capture in any created environment. 

Our Set experience puts your visitor in the heart of a physical world for them to interact within and engage in the capture experience.

Sets can range from your visitors posing with their favourite wax figures, being placed in a mock police line up or even recreating a famous real world event. 

Bespoke sets can be designed to create capture opportunities or integrated into your existing locations. The camera capture point can also be placed in any an array of positions such as straight in front of your visitors or above their heads to held create unique content. They can also be enhanced with storytelling and theming so it can be integrated into any attraction to add to your visitors immersive experience.

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We partner with some of the world’s leading names in entertainment and leisure. The major brands that we work with are innovative and inspirational.

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Green screen

Studio grade technology to create impossible content. Our Green Screen capture takes your visitors and creates content for them that is otherwise impossible in the real world.