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Delivering retail excellence means creating a harmonious retail environment from three core activities: a great product, a great space, and great people. 

We ensure all our staff are enthusiastic, polite and courteous, understand the values of your brand and are ambassadors for guest experience. 

Employment with your guests in mind 

The highest levels of consumer satisfaction are consistently achieved by our world-class customer-facing commerce teams. A robust recruitment process undertaken in conjunction with our partners’ own HR departments is key to this. We focus on employing staff from a regional footprint matching guests demographic and cultural needs. In addition, our HR teams ensure they are aware of, and fully compliant with, all local employment laws. 

Picsolve Training Academy

Our understanding of the importance of an unforgettable guest experience is reflected in our global training programme, available to all our partners around the world. All our retail staff partake in the Picsolve Retail Academy Training Programme and we provide structured training to equip retail staff with engagement techniques and up-sell skills. Importantly, all retail staff are trained to be engaging, helpful, not aggressive and focused on keeping guest experience standards high.

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Operational Integration 

To ensure a seamless integration of our staff into our partner’s sites, we recommend that they participate in partner-based orientation and training on-site in order to help them become part of your brand. To strengthen the ‘one team’ mentality we provide all partner employees with access to their own digital content to download and share.  

Management Development

We provide established career progression tailored towards management levels to ensure we deploy, develop and retain the most experienced and capable staff. This benefits Picsolve and our partners by nurturing motivation, building brand loyalty, keeping staff turnover rates low and continuously improving performance.

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Incentivizing Performance 

We run a variety of incentives throughout the year at all of our global destinations to boost staff performance and increase retention. These are based on the needs of your business and include: KPI specific initiatives to recognise performance in quantifiable areas, commission-based competitions and global spotlight on excellence events which recognise top performing employees on a monthly basis.  

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Merchandise & gifts

Your guests can take away their amazing moments, transformed into memorable products that make the perfect gift for friends and family.

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Our experience

We partner with some of the world’s leading names in entertainment and leisure. The major brands that we work with are innovative and inspirational.

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Marketing activation

Marketing and promotional activity is key to our partnerships’ success and forms an integral part of our operations.