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Turn your tourists into ambassadors.

The city break competition is heating up! As travelling becomes cheaper, tourists have more destination options to choose from so how do you make them choose you?  

Reward your tourists with the ultimate souvenir they will want to share with their friends. Our panoramic selfie solution is available on a temporary, seasonal or permanent basis, dependant on your needs. 

Latest City Marketing Campaigns

Brussels Atomium - Sml Header-min.png

Successful launch of the permanent Super Selfie installation at the Atomium, Brussels

Tourists visiting the iconic attraction of the European Capital can now get their Super Selfie for free and share it, helping to promote Brussels.

Vierdaagsefeesten - Sml Header-min.png

Picsolve Lab set up camp in Nijmegen during the Vierdaagsefeesten

A combination of a giant beach chair and our Super Selfie for a big moment off the chain!

Grand Place - Sml Header.png

Brussels opts for Super Selfie to facilitate its promotion abroad

Europe capital cherry-picked one of the most beautiful squares of the continent to unveil a dreamy view for their visitors.

Iris Festival - Sml Header.png

Tourists in Brussels get the bigger picture at Iris Festival

A unique and exclusive activation to entertain visitors over the annual Brussels region celebration!

Mulhouse Christmas - Sml Header.png

Mulhouse offer a memorable gift to their Christmas Market visitors

When Santa Claus tenders Super Selfie in the charming eastern France’s city of Mulhouse!

The Hague - Sml Header.png

This is The Hague city summer marketing campaign

Zoom-in and out of The Hague with the Super Selfie.