Our strategic partnership with - the company behind the Super Selfie technology

Picsolve's dedication to new products and technology enables us to work with the most innovative and dynamic companies, in 2018 we announced our strategic partnership with have been reinventing how to capture guest experiences. technology brings together selfies and postcards to create the perfect “I was here!” souvenir for your guests with the Super Selfie. 

Seamlessly integrated within Picsolve’s innovative digital platform, the Super Selfie takes a stunning backdrop of any destination and combines it with a selfie of the visitors. Posing for a camera located in a distant and high location, multiple images are taken of the users, resulting in a video that starts with a close-up of the visitors and dramatically zooms out to reveal the panoramic scenery behind them. The technology brings together a selfie and a postcard to create a short video with an amazing zoom-out effect.


 Meet Raphaël de Borman, Founder at

Raphael is a creative entrepreneur who has over 20 years in the photo capture industry. In 2001, he co-founded 'Eventattitude' - the leading photo activation agency in Belgium. During his 10+ career in the event industry, he carried out numerous photo activation projects on major events across Europe. 

3 years ago, he took a leap out of his comfort zone to found his new company ''. With his mission to reinvent how visitors to world-class destinations capture their experience, he developed the innovative Super Selfie  and is now working with Picsolve as part of our strategic partnership, Raphael plays  a key role in researching and developing new ways to empower visitor experiences with innovative capture solutions  at Picsolve.