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We believe in the power of the moment. We don’t see the content we create as a memory; we see it as a business opportunity. 

Whenever or wherever people visit attractions around the world, we’re there to capture the moment.  

For our partners these moments mean more powerful retailing opportunities, more powerful ways to engage with their visitors and more powerful ways to increase loyalty.  

For consumers, it means more opportunities for sharing memories, more time spent with the brand and more reasons to return.  

We provide more ways of tracking visitors; by understanding the customer journey we know what moments mean more for our guests and how we can maximize that for our customers. We live at the intersection of Experience, Technology, Social Media, Retail and Loyalty and we know how to create More Power to the Moment.

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What we do

You will find us at any destination where people go to have a good time. World class theme parks, concerts, sporting events, museums and hotels.

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Our experience

We partner with some of the world’s leading names in entertainment and leisure. The major brands that we work with are innovative and inspirational.

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Driving innovation

No other content capture partner has invested to the same level in technology innovation, across R&D and marketing function.