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We understand that you need to optimize the memories your customers experience. 

The way customers consume content has changed. We have completely redeveloped our product suite to make sure that when it comes to photography, video and other content, it is relevant, current and continues to be a key part of their visit.  

A seamless, digital offering 

Our platform centers around a seamless, digital offering, delivering a major advancement in content capture capability. It delivers a brand-new digital media experience using facial recognition and AWS through a cloud-based, scalable and secure digital media platform. The new platform can support cameras, printers, touch screens, kiosks, smart phones, tablets websites and software, giving your attraction ultimate flexibility.  

No other content capture partner has invested the same level in technology innovation across research & development and marketing functions.  

Our New Platform

Discover our brand-new digital experience which will change the way consumers capture, collect and share their digital moments.

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Fully customized app 

A key part of our platform is our customized app and website, making it easier for consumers to access, download and share their content. Recent enhancements allow this functionality to be seamlessly integrated into an existing portfolio of partner digital products, providing even more options for quick, convenient access to consumer content.  

Key benefits of our platform include

Faster collection and purchase. More flexible pricing. In-app payment. Flexible staffing. Seamless integration with your website/app. Enhanced visitor insight. Instant view, purchase, download & share.

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Photos appearing on the Picsolve digital platform app as they are discovered by facial recognition

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Our brand-new digital platform is a major advancement in content capture capability. Due to its game changing nature, it brings several new and improved features to the content capture market.

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Our new digital platform provides benefits for both your brand and your consumers in the content capture market. It provides deeper insight, better business intelligence and increased sales and conversion.

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Driving innovation

No other content capture partner has invested to the same level in technology innovation, across R&D and marketing function.