Visitors can access their content anytime and anywhere through our multi-channel retailing options. These are supported by our ability to integrate into our partners' systems for a seamless experience. 

Two people viewing their picsolve photo on a counter screen assisted by a staff member

Integrated Retailing

Full integration with your payment and retail systems for a fully-connected experience.

To ensure that every visitor receives a seamless experience, our open API means we can integrate with our partners’ payments and retail systems for a fully-connected experience. 

For visitors, this means they never need to interact with a separate system at the attraction they are visiting, or visit a separate website when purchasing or redeeming content.

For partners, this means access to live data and insights on visitors’ spending habits and patterns. These insights can aid in making objective, data-driven decisions that can help grow revenue and allow partners to make informed marketing decisions about the content they offer to their visitors. 

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Web App Integration

Integration with your destinations web app to purchase via one application.

For a seamless, digital experience, we can integrate with a destination’s own web app, so visitors are able to purchase their captured content anywhere and at anytime via their own device. This is achieved via an open API which allows the partner to build in the ability to purchase captured content via their own web app. 

Thanks to web app integration, visitors can benefit from a dramatically increased buying window, as they no longer need to queue at counters or kiosks and can instantly access their content once purchased. Visitors can purchase content anywhere and anytime, including in dwell times during their visit.

Partners can also get easy access to financial data, allowing them to make more informed marketing decisions about the content they offer to visitors, whilst providing a simple and seamless experience for your visitors. 

Assisted Retailing

Using kiosks and tablets to interact with multiple visitors quickly. 

Assisted retailing allows one employee to serve many guests at a time and allows visitors to view and interact with their content at their own speed. This provides a shorter queue time at the point of transaction as well as allowing visitors to purchase at their own pace.

With the use of kiosks or tablets, visitors can either quickly access a digital copy of their content or take time to view and purchase a range of personalised printed merchandise. All of this can either be done by the visitors themselves, or with assistance from a member of staff. Partners can benefit from a more efficient staffing ratio, as employees are able to serve multiple visitors at a time, perfect for attractions and experiences with a high footfall. 

Over The Counter

Traditional retail experience with a personal, staff led sales process.

We can offer a traditional ‘over the counter’ retail experience to any destination that is tailored to the needs of visitors and wants to offer their consumers a more personal, staff led sales process. This allows visitors to ask questions on the best content options for them.

Staff can have one-to-one conversations with visitors, delivering a high-quality experience by guiding them through a full range of merchandise and the different purchasing options available. This allows staff the opportunity to ‘upsell’ merchandise to visitors.