Picsolve Merchandise example bundle including a photo pass, photo book, frame, folder, print, photo licence and USB

A range of engaging and exciting merchandise for your visitors to purchase.

We have the expertise to convert photo and video content into a wide range of engaging merchandise, from digital downloads and printed photos to premium photobooks, there is an option to suit every one of your visitors.  

Our merchandise can be designed to suit your visitor demographic whether they are thrill seekers, families or couples. As guardians of your brand, we make sure all meets with your brand and intellectual property guidelines. We create a range of unique bespoke and merchandise that fits perfectly with your attraction, brand and visitors. 

Digital Products

Our digital products allow a more shareable, social media ready way for visitors to collect their moments. We have several products available from our multi-image bundle DigiPass, to shareable video GIFs.

Digital Downloads

With digital photos and video downloads, visitors’ moments can be shared instantly with friends, family and across social media platforms. Digital downloads bring instant gratification for visitors as they can be downloaded and shared as soon as they have been purchased. 


DigiPass is our multi-image bundle, ideal for theme parks or attractions with multiple content capture points. 

Our DigiPass enables visitors to collect digital copies of all their photos for one set price. DigiPasses can also be provided on a daily, seasonal or yearly basis depending on what fits your attraction or visitor demographic best. 

Augmented Reality

We can also enhance merchandise with Augmented Reality technology that brings our printed merchandise to life. This adds extra excitement to traditional merchandise, offering a digital twist by allowing the user to scan their printed photo using an app on their device to bring the photo to life. 

Shareable GIFs

With our Super Selfie or Stop Motion capture, we can provide downloadable GIFs highlighting the visitor’s experience. Our GIFs are highly shareable and perfect for brand activation on social media platforms.

Viewing a Picsolve digital photo on a phone DigiPass wristband with code and barcode

Core Offer

Our core offer is perfect for regular visitors or those who want a lower cost physical memento of their visit. Our core offer merchandise has been perfected so visitors can relive their moments again and again via printed photos, keyrings or magnets without paying a premium price. 

Core offer products include:

Premium Products

Our premium products are designed to suit visitors who want a once in a lifetime photo gift that they can treasure forever. Whether the photo is of an outstanding location, a child’s first time on a rollercoaster or a once in a lifetime moment, our premium products allow visitors to relive this again and again. 

Premium products include:

Unique to IPs

We can also create an exciting range of merchandise unique to your attraction’s IP. Our merchandise can be customised to the IP of a brand, making it perfect for brand activation and a truly individual gift for visitors to take home. We have a range of merchandise which can fit exactly to our partners’ IP and can also be tailored to different global IPs. 

Unique to IP products include: