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Marketing and promotional activity is key to our partnerships’ success and forms an integral part of our operations.  

We invest significant funds in retail marketing to enhance business strategy and consumer interaction. We also carry out an audit of the destination and map out the consumer journey looking at both the digital and real world. We can then design marketing communications around these findings.

Retail, Marketing and Design Support

Our service includes a designated Marketing team that works with you to ensure all guest communications are on-brand and delivered in a timely manner to support seasonal promotion activity.

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Merchandise Development 

Identifying innovative merchandise that integrates seamlessly with your brand is key to future growth. We ensure that we are creating merchandise that appeals (and where appropriate educates). When it comes to photo gifts we opt for an eco-friendly, higher quality print on demand solution. Globally, we are also replacing 6x9 prints with more environmentally friendly 6x8.  

Our ever-evolving range of partner-specific merchandise includes: 

The Value of Social Media 

The ‘value’ of each piece of content in the social media space is estimated to be worth between $3 and $5. We can enhance your online presence by using our technology as a social media ‘multiplier’, so that consumers effectively become online ambassadors for your brand.  

To deliver a connected and superior guest experience, we provide retail and marketing support alongside our photography technology, to deliver you a complete end-to-end solution. 

Retail Operations

The key to sales success is to have an outstanding retail team that understands different guest profiles and how to engage them with their amazing moments. As such, we have a strong team of retail and marketing experts who work with your brand, on seasonal promotions designed to drive sales, either tactically or for the launch of new rides and experiences.

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Retail staffing & training

Delivering retail excellence means creating a harmonious retail environment from three core activities: a great product, a great space, and great people.

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Engineering & Support

We understand that on time installation and ongoing maintenance is critical to the effective running of any park or attraction.

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Our business models

We can provide you with the business model that suits you best. Choose from managed, partnered or system only models.