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An interactive experience that creates original video content.

Our award-winning Green Screen Experience (GSX) puts your visitor in the centre of a fully interactive experience using advanced green screen technology.

The cutting-edge ‘chroma key’ solution allows consumers to see themselves within an fantasy world and interact within its surroundings. This can range from racing through the city in a high speed motorbike chase or flying through the sky with your favourite superhero. The possibilities are endless.

Consumers can relive their experience again and again as the content can be delivered as photos and HD-video content. 

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Green screen

Studio grade technology to create impossible content. Our Green Screen capture takes your visitors and creates content for them that is otherwise impossible in the real world.

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Experience Wall

An immersive experience beyond traditional green screen. Our patented Experience Wall offers your visitors an immersive and seamless capture experience.

Back of photographers head with mid length brown hair. In background a man and woman are posing and smiling to have their photo taken.


Professional Photographers creating the perfect portrait. Our Digital Roaming technology is the essence of capturing that perfect moment for a broad range of visitors.