Snowy mountain scenery

Operating on the same principle as green screen, we use projectors to beam video onto grey screens to create a themed environment.

It creates a more compelling experience for consumers and ensures that the backdrop looks more appealing when not in use. 

Key features of grey screen projection: 

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Man and woman pose back to back with arms crossed on a green screen background, whilst retail assistant presses button to capture photo

Green screen

Our green screen photography transports consumers into different worlds. We capture content against a green backdrop which can then be turned into whatever setting is required using movie-grade software.

Man skydiving with guide, above clouds with blue sky and punching the air

Green Screen Experience (GSX)

GSX takes green screen technology to the next level, providing a fully interactive experience to create original video content so consumers can relive their experience over and over again.

A couple standing in front of the LED experience wall with a photographer taking their picture

Experience wall

Our patented green screen high-definition video Experience Wall offers customers an immersive and seamless image capture experience.