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Grey is the new Green. 

Our Grey Screen technology works on the same principle as our Green Screen capture experience but creates a more immersive environment. 

A grey fabric, built up of small beads that reflect light, replaces the traditional chroma green backdrop. When the camera captures the visitors image, a green flash is fired and the beads on the grey backdrop reflect the necessary chroma green colour that allows post production effects to be applied.

To add to the visitors experience, our Grey Screen can be synced with a projector that plays customisable and engaging content onto the backdrop when not capturing your visitors.

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Green screen

Studio grade technology to create impossible content. Our Green Screen capture takes your visitors and creates content for them that is otherwise impossible in the real world.

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An interactive experience that creates original video content. Our award-winning Green Screen Experience (GSX) puts your visitor in the centre of a fully interactive experience using advanced green screen technology.

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Experience Wall

An immersive experience beyond traditional green screen. Our patented Experience Wall offers your visitors an immersive and seamless capture experience.