Man and woman pose back to back with arms crossed on a green screen background, whilst retail assistant presses button to capture photo

Our green screen photography transports consumers into different worlds. 

We capture content against a green backdrop which can then be turned into whatever setting is required using movie-grade software. 

We have established our global leadership in this area offering full animation creation, system design, lighting, installation and retailing services. We have existing and planned installations with global brand leaders offering experiences that immerse the consumers and create amazing moments they want to purchase. 

Key features of green screen photography: 

Capture impossible experiences

The content produced can capture experiences impossible elsewhere, riding a broom over Hogwarts, doing a school run with Peppa Pig or posing with superheroes! As brand guardians, we work with your IP to make sure all green screen photography is on brand.

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Photo assistant showing two customers their green screen photograph in an attraction's studio

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Girl swinging on rope smiling with bridge and river behind her

Our digital platform

The way customers consume content has changed. We have completely redeveloped our product suite to make sure that when it comes to photography, video and other content it continues to be a key part of the visit.

Man skydiving with guide, above clouds with blue sky and punching the air

Green Screen Experience (GSX)

GSX takes green screen technology to the next level, providing a fully interactive experience to create original video content so consumers can relive their experience over and over again.

Snowy mountain scenery

Grey screen projection

Operating on the same principle as green screen, we use projectors to beam video onto grey screens to create a themed environment.