Board and Committee 

As part of Picsolve Governance, we have a robust and comprehensive governance structure in place. We have number of committees that meet on regular basis to ensure there is both a framework and reporting in place across the business. These include:

Remuneration Committee 

The remuneration committee ensure that remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the business and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of senior executives, while also complying with the requirements of regulation. This committee is chaired by Mel Halsey Executive Vice President HR, Colt Technology Services.

Audit Committee 

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing all financial statements and disclosures alongside satisfying itself that internal controls are in place including the integrity of our financial and internal reporting process, the integrity of our financial statements and the external and internal audit processes. This committee is chaired by Kristina Isherwood, Chief Financial Officer, Eight Roads.

Risk Management group 

The Risk Management group identify threats to the business from multiple vectors, evaluating the risks and proposing mitigating strategies and approaches. This group is chaired by Juliet Taylor, Head of Group Finance Picsolve.

Global Health & Safety 

Picsolve is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for employees, customers and all those who visit or work on its premises.  A safe, healthy and well-planned business environment is important to the long-term sustainable growth of our business.  The group is responsible for ensuring Picsolve are meeting safety working standards practice in all our working environments (retail, engineering, and office) internationally. This group is chaired by David Hockley, Chief Executive Officer.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance group 

The PCI Compliance Group ensure we meet the payment card industry’s global standard requirements in order to maintain merchants IDS and ensure secure transactions. This group is chaired by Warwick Bailey, Chief Technology Officer. 

Global Data Protection Regulations 

The GDPR Committee oversees the company complies with GDPR EU/EEA Law with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. This group is chaired by Warwick Bailey,  Chief Technology Officer.