A couple standing in front of the LED experience wall with a photographer taking their picture

Our patented green screen high-definition video Experience Wall offers customers an immersive and seamless image capture experience.

An immersive experience beyond traditional green screen

Our Experience Wall technology provides an immersive capture experience for guests and fully customiseable screen content making it perfect for world-class visitor destinations across the globe. Watch one of our exsiting Experience Walls in action.

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Guests are guided into the studio setting and positioned in front of the large digital screen which plays customized imagery and high definition video clips bespoke to your attractions theme. 

The guests ticket is digitally scanned in order to associate them with their images. A professional photographer then captures the guest in a seamless experience. 

Unknown to the guest, each time content is captured it is sent digitally and turns the video wall into a digital green screen. The guest can then review and purchase their green screen photo to purchase in either print or digital format. 

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Man skydiving with guide, above clouds with blue sky and punching the air

Green Screen Experience (GSX)

GSX takes green screen technology to the next level, providing a fully interactive experience to create original video content so consumers can relive their experience over and over again.

Girl swinging on rope smiling with bridge and river behind her

Our digital platform

The way customers consume content has changed. We have completely redeveloped our product suite to make sure that when it comes to photography, video and other content it continues to be a key part of the visit.

Little boy swimming underwater towards camera with goggles on

Merchandise & gifts

Your guests can take away their amazing moments, transformed into memorable products that make the perfect gift for friends and family.