DigiPass is our multi-image bundle, ideal for theme parks or attractions with multiple content capture points. 

Our DigiPass enables visitors to collect digital copies of all their photos for one set price. DigiPasses can also be provided on a daily, seasonal or yearly basis depending on what fits your attraction or visitor demographic best. 

DigiPass' can be made available in different lengths to suit different visitor destinations and partners needs. Our 1 or 2 Day DigiPass is ideal for visits to theme parks, water parks, zoos or any destination with multiple capture points, allowing visitors to collect all their photos from a single visit. Our Seasonal DigiPass is valid for a whole season or year depending on the destination, ideal for up-sell with seasonal or annual ticket packages. Our Multi-Destination DigiPass is perfect for cluster attractions or partners operating in multiple locations, fitting in with loyalty schemes and memberships. 

Ideal for: