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Our new digital platform provides benefits for both your brand and your consumers in the content capture market. 

Not only is the system faster, more flexible and more integrated, it also provides deeper insight, better business intelligence and increased sales and conversion.  

Key benefits 

Benefits for our partners

Our platform provides more powerful retailing opportunities, more flexible purchase and pricing options and more exciting ways to engage and increase loyalty. We help drive your business success through compelling and shareable experiences and our new platform allows us to do so.  

Sophisticated consumer experience – Benefits to your consumers include faster, more shareable content, automatically loaded straight to their device.  

Improved product quality - Our API which builds on already-proven technology ensures the consistent delivery of memorable, high-quality content to consumers.  

Increased sales & conversion -  Allows us to work with you on smarter staff deployment, and tailor pricing and promotions for maximum returns. Operating cost savings are delivered through the ability for staff to multi task and a higher spend per head (SPH). 

Better business intelligence - The digital platform provides improved real-time insights into consumer activity, allowing data-driven decision-making. 

Extended buying window and dynamic pricing – With automatic association consumers have the flexibility to purchase later in the day, whilst in a queue or eating lunch. Prices can be updated dynamically through the app and digital packages can be provided.  

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Our brand-new digital platform is a major advancement in content capture capability. Due to its game changing nature, it brings several new and improved features to the content capture market.

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Driving innovation

No other content capture partner has invested to the same level in technology innovation, across R&D and marketing function.