21 July 2016

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Two brand new photography experiences, designed to create intrigue, catch thrill seekers unaware while they wait to board.

Picsolve, the leading image capture partner for the leisure and entertainment industry, has introduced two brand new photography experiences at Thorpe Park’s ‘Derren Brown’s Ghost Train’, to surprise guests with hidden queue-line experiences and unique 3D merchandise. 

The creepy Derren Brown's Ghost Train launched on 8th July 2016 in Thorpe Park and is the world’s only immersive psychological attraction designed to manipulate the human mind. Guests find themselves travelling through a multi-sensory warehouse before hopping onto a disused Victorian train carriage to await their fate. 

Picsolve has worked with Thorpe Park to create two first-of-their kind photo moments that continue the immersive theme created by the Derren Brown illusion. The first experience occurs when guests are instructed to ‘open their minds’ and look into an intentionally grubby perspex window. Here they’ll see a ‘hypnotic data-blast’ designed to confuse the mind, at which point a hidden camera captures their reactions for a surprise group image with hilarious results! 

Quote left

The Derren Brown Ghost Train provides a world-first experience that guests will never forget. We worked closely with Picsolve to ensure the seamless integration of the image capture into the ride itself and believe the results offer a particularly unique set up not just for Thorpe Park, but globally.

Quote right Andrew Walker, Operations Director of Thorpe Park

Shortly after, guests are given another chance to capture their extraordinary experience when asked to enter a station to be ‘scanned for infections’. To begin the scan, guests place their chin on a stand where they are unaware of three cameras simultaneously taking a 360 degree headshot photo. As part of the eerie theme, the images are merged together to create a 3D head that is imposed inside a glass jar, which guests can purchase as merchandise at the end of their train ride. 

To keep both photo moments a mystery, guests are given a specially disguised ‘train ticket’, created by Picsolve, that they’ll initially believe is to allow them to travel through the experience. However once guests reach the end of the attraction and swipe the ticket at dedicated terminals, their individual images will display. The ticket works by ‘self associating’ guests with photos (similar to online tagging) during the ride so they avoid having to scroll through hundreds of images to find theirs and can just carry on with their day. Merchandise includes the guest’s ‘head in a jar’ and a print group photo in a 3D frame, which can be purchased from the retail point and available to download from the Picsolve app. 

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Following 20 years of experience with IPs combined with our passion to deliver the ultimate photo moment, we understood how important it was to ensure the image capture experience mirrored that of the immersive, mind-boggling world of Derren Brown. With our unique, hidden photo technology, guests are getting an enhanced experience that is a cut above the typical ‘static’ photo moment.

Quote right Anika Devaney, Marketing Manager of Picsolve

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