16 November 2017

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Advanced facial recognition technology to transform content creation, collation and distribution for world-class visitor destinations.

Orlando, Florida, November 16th, 2017: Picsolve, the leading digital content creation and distribution partner for world-class visitor destinations, has today announced a new digital platform set to revolutionise the creation, collation and distribution of content. Harnessing the power of facial recognition technology, Picsolve’s new platform allows the company to build on its existing image-based product suite, while providing the foundations for the seamless integration of content into the visitor experience. This development is an industry first, cementing Picsolve’s position as global market-leader.

Revolutionary technology 

Picsolve has placed the latest biometric technology at the forefront of its innovation. Through facial recognition, the new platform allows content created by Picsolve at an attraction to be identified and organised, seamlessly presenting visitors with their own personalised digital album. This gives content hungry consumers the opportunity to immediately purchase the images, with the option of sharing instantly on social media, or enjoy and share content retrospectively by accessing the link and purchasing the content after their visit.

Destination visitors select their image from an existing photo or selfie upload. If they opt in, during the rest of their visit Picsolve’s advanced association technology identifies them at multiple content creation points using facial recognition. 

The cloud-based, scalable and secure technology organises multiple images which can then be accessed via an integrated interface, app or website. The service is compatible with a range of formats including video, photo and sound files, making it even more compelling for visitors to purchase content in-app. 

The consumer experience

Picsolve’s new digital platform facilitates a range of experiences across the destination, linking content created by advanced ride capture, roaming photographers, queue-line green screen experiences, and even its patented video Experience Wall. This means visitors can enjoy their experience without the pressure of capturing the moments for themselves. The technology also enables Picsolve’s on-site staff to have more personal, quality interactions with customers, enhancing engagement and the overall visitor experience.

Partnership impact

In evolving customer service, revolutionising the retail environment and improving business intelligence, Picsolve’s technology is able to seamlessly integrate within a partner’s destination and their other partners. The new platform will be widely available from Summer 2018.

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Picsolve is continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible at visitor destinations all over the globe, and we are proud to announce this game-changing technology at IAAPA ‘s Expo in Orlando this year. We are constantly exploring how we can expand the Picsolve proposition into new sectors and are always looking for exciting new ways consumers can capture, collect and share digital moments around the world. We believe this is the beginning of a special time in Picsolve’s history.

Quote right David Hockley, Interim CEO at Picsolve

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