We offer a wide range of new and innovative ways to capture the moment for your visitors. 

These include our ride, roaming and green screen photography, as well as our award winning and fully immersive Green Screen Experience and patented Experience Wall. We are always expanding our content capture solutions, recently introducing our new Super Selfie - a dramatic, panoramic take on the much loved ‘selfie’ and stop-motion capture.  

Our Content Capture Solutions

Super Selfie - Small-min.jpg

Super Selfie

A panoramic, supercharged take on the ‘selfie’.

Epic Selfie Header Sml-min.png

Epic Selfie

Capturing an epic selfie, that goes beyond the real world

Two people standing in front of an experience wall having photo taken by Picsolve photographer

Experience Wall

An immersive experience beyond traditional green screen.

Green Screen - Small-min.jpg

Green screen

Studio grade technology to create impossible content.

Two people posing on a green screen whilst a Picsolve photographer presses a capture trigger


An interactive experience that creates original video.

Two friends ride on a rollercoaster getting ready for their Picsolve on ride photo


Automated technology that truly captures ‘that moment.’

Back of photographers head with mid length brown hair. In background a man and woman are posing and smiling to have their photo taken.


Professional photographers capturing the perfect portrait.

Two people on thrones with union jack flags having a photo taken by a Picsolve photographer

Set & Character

Delivering quality capture in any created environment.